Catherine Wynne-Paton

My practice is predominantly concerned with investigating the relationship between the physical world and the world of text.


In our digital world we are bombarded by increasing amounts of information via text on a daily basis. In my exploration of the gap between the perception of text and the reality of it I attempt to uncover visions we have locked away in words and phrases.


I believe that art, in mapping society, can wake us up, not only to reality but also to our dreams which, through art, can become real. I want to create imagery that uses and explores and is relevant to everyone’s imagination and dreams.


The investigation is often realised through an engagement between a word, phrase or body of text and another medium such as paint, print, mixed media, collaboration, video, installation or a combination of these methods.




May 2017 The Lost Library project to be performed at the Fringe Arts Bath festival.


November 2016 Awarded Creative Network Mini Fund to make new work, this is contributing to my Clydach Gorge work currently in progress.


Currently filming ‘Artists in Conversation’ videos.